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Vibrant Magic Wand Corded


Model No.: Vibrant Magic Wand Corded
Material: Silicone (head) + ABS (body)
Length: 31cm (12.2inch)
Diameter or Width: 6cm (2.4inch)
Net Weight: 500g
Gross Weight: 600g
Standard Colors: White or Black Shells with Blue Neck and Blue Head (will change)
Powered by: AC Power Cord


Corded 7-Speed & 7-Mode Wand Massager
This brand new model generates 7 vibration speed levels and 7 pulsation modes, giving you more options for both health relaxation and sexual enjoyment. The new range of Magic Wand Massager -Perfect for couples or singles, this highly recommended massager delivers powerful, massaging vibrations through a soft, flexible head. The pure silicone head touches your skin softly, the easily bend neck gives you flexible sensations. It’s compatible to all the wand attachments - the G-TIP, Tri-Gasm, Curve, Straight, Humming Bird attachments as well as any new attachments we produce.

It’s light and quiet, just focus on your desires and have a great fun with it!

Get ready for a deep relaxing massage with this great item!

Extremely Powerful at 8,000RPM - That Doesn't Stop Until You Do!

  • Ultra Powerful rechargeable with a soft silicone massage head
  • 7 Sensational Speeds to choose from
  • 7 Functional Modes to choose from
  • 4000RPM at slowest speed and 8000RPM at highest speed
  • Long Press the middle button to power on or off
  • Relaxes Sore Muscles
  • Deep Soothing Vibrations
  • Helps Relieve Tension
  • Connect with voltage 110-240 volts, compatible to any countries’ tension
  • A universal world travel adapter is available at additional cost. Adaptable to all countries.
Will come with full color box and plain white shipping box.

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